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Through collaboration with Generational Marketer, Infinity Circle 360 experienced a digital metamorphosis focused on three pivotal principles. The website now serves as an immersive showcase for their premier video and photo booth rental services, skillfully capturing and preserving priceless moments. Emphasizing a commitment to delivering tangible memories for a lifetime, Infinity Circle 360's digital presence echoes their dedication to curating unforgettable experiences for events in The Greater Los Angeles Area.


2-4 weeks, delivering a seamless online experience.

Project Duration

-Web Design & Development
-Custom Graphic Design
-Brand Positioning

Scope of Work

Event Photography and Videography


Infinity Circle 360 is a premier video and photo booth rental service, dedicated to serving The Greater Los Angeles Area in California. Specializing in events like weddings, birthdays, and corporate gatherings, their unwavering goal is to capture precious moments and deliver tangible memories that will last a lifetime.

Company Description

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